True Blue Casino aims to provide every one of its users with a top-quality experience. True Blue only wants the best for its players. That is why it’s incredibly important for us to answer all your questions. This brief FAQ should answer some of your more pressing questions. If you require any more information, then don’t be afraid to contact our customer support team. The team members will be more than happy to help in any way they can.

Can You Hack an Online Casino?

While an individual technically can hack into an online casino, the process is incredibly difficult, and cases are extremely rare. Technically speaking, a hacker may be able to access an online casino’s game software. This would allow him or her to tamper with the game in a few ways, such as fairness and probability. Hackers do this very rarely primarily because the hacker barely benefits. It takes a great deal of effort to hack an online casino, and the money gained from it is barely worth it. Besides, all reputable online casinos have an incredibly in-depth security system. 

True Blue Casino uses an incredibly effective 256-bit SSL encryption software. This state-of-the-art security software makes hacking practically impossible. The firewalls created by this software are near-impenetrable. This means the casino keeps all the users’ data safe under strict security measures. There is virtually no risk for a player using a reputable online casino site. Just remain vigilant and ensure your chosen site has a history of using up-to-date security software.

How Do You Make Money on An Online Casino? 

Making money on an online casino is relatively simple in theory. All you need to do is play a game, and win. It’s that simple. Choose whatever online game you wish to play, such as a pokie or a classic casino favourite, then play it. Each game will clearly state how much you will earn if you win. 

Some games range from a small yet sizeable amount of money to a jackpot-sized payout. Most online casinos helpfully categorise their games separately based on the type and payout size. Classic pokie games are not likely to net you that much money, but jackpot variations might. Mega Spin Slots, for example, allows you to play multiple games at once, therefore, increasing your possible payout. Some casino games offer a progressive betting feature. This rewards a player with a larger possible payout the more games he or she plays. Once a player has earned enough money for a payout, he or she will receive a notification. Then, the player can redeem the money. Withdrawing your money should be a relatively simple process. Reputable casinos, such as True Blue, will process your payout as soon as it can. The money should arrive in your account within just a few days.

Has Anyone Won Big on An Online Casino?

Winning big on an online casino is not entirely unheard of. While it’s certainly not true for every player, there’s still a possibility that an individual can win big. It may take more luck than skill for the most part, but it’s not impossible. Jackpot games are probably your best bet if you’re looking for a big payout. People win these games all the time, and they often provide a massive payout. Jackpot games usually have a pot of £1 million-plus. 

Back in 2015, J. Heywood won a Guinness World Record. Mr Heywood won just over £13 million after winning a jackpot game on the site Betway. A Canadian player broke this record in 2018 by winning more than 18 million euros after playing at an online casino. 

While online casinos can earn you a very decent payout, your main priority should always be fun. If you don’t win a big jackpot game, you shouldn’t feel disheartened. It is incredibly important you enjoy the experience of playing just as much as you would enjoy winning. That way, you don’t lose anything.

Do Online Casinos Cheat?

Every reputable online casino operator has an incredibly high standard when it comes to the site’s safety and game fairness. Before it features a game on its site, the casino tests it thoroughly. It strips away and examines every aspect of the game. The casino spends a great deal of time making sure the game is completely fair to the player. A team of specialists plays thousands of rounds and takes numerous notes about the game’s mechanics. Only when the team finds the game to be completely fair and trustworthy is it allowed onto the site. This ensures that every single player has a fair and enjoyable experience. The games are not taking advantage of anyone nor putting anyone at risk. The customer is exceptionally important to the online casino operator. 

Additionally, reputable online casinos have the license required to operate. These licenses dictate where the site can function. An online casino should have its license on full display to the public to ensure its reliability.