True Blue Casino Review

It’s rare to find the perfect online casino. It tends to be difficult to find an operator that offers a perfect overall experience. It can be hard to come by a large selection of games, a helpful customer support team, and an inclusive online experience. A whole host of issues will mar even the most reputable online casinos. These issues can range from a lack of up-to-date games to a limited amount of payment options.

Whatever the reason, many online casinos just don’t offer that perfect experience. This casino review of True Blue Casino aims to end your endless searching. The True Blue online casino provides that perfect experience. True Blue offers excellence in everything it does, giving the customer complete satisfaction during his or her online casino experience. 

Find out just how excellent this online casino option is by reading this True Blue Casino review. You need to hear just how much this online operator offers to its customers.

True Blue Casino- An Overview

If you had to summarise True Blue in just a few characters, the words ‘perfect’, ‘modern’, and ‘trustworthy’ spring to mind. True Blue offers a truly Australian casino experience. Essentially, this means that what you see is what you get. First and foremost, True Blue is an honest and trustworthy operator.

In everything it does, the casino consistently proves the customer is its top priority. This is particularly evident in its incredible amount of choice. From the offset, the casino gives players an unparalleled amount of choice. True Blue gives players choices in payment options, game types, and the amount of customer support options. This isn’t something you often see in an online casino operator. True Blue also strives to keep the player completely safe throughout his or her time with the casino. This entails using state-of-the-art encryption software that effectively protects the player’s personal information. This means players can always relax when playing their favourite casino games. Other casino reviews of True Blue Casino have often heralded the casino’s unrivalled freedom of choice. And there is a good reason for this. True Blue is truly one of the best online casinos currently operating within the industry. 

Welcome Bonuses and Promotions for All

All online casinos should have a fair amount of promotions. All good online casinos should have a great selection of promotions. True Blue gracefully cements itself as part of the latter category. This online casino has a good number of welcome bonuses that go a long way in enticing newcomers. Bonuses range from free bets to increased one-time payouts. All a player needs to do to take advantage of these welcome offers is sign up. All it takes is a few seconds to follow some simple instructions on-screen. Once signed up for the site, you can access the whole range of True Blue’s premium games and use your unlocked bonuses. 

Existing players also benefit from a multitude of promotional offers. True Blue aims to entice new players and keep its most loyal ones. These bonuses are also subject to change occasionally, so make sure you keep an eye out. You never know when the casino will reward you for simply playing your favourite games.

An Unrivalled Selection of Premium Games

A common point of praise for this operator in all True Blue Casino reviews revolves around the selection of games. Reviews cannot state it enough: There are a lot of games offered on this site. And while it may be cliché to say, there is something for everyone. For example, if you’re a player who thrives on pokie games, then you are in luck. True Blue offers a staggering amount of pokie games. These games range in type and genre, but never in quality. Every single game is of extremely high-quality. From games based on TV and movies to those revolving around fantasy and adventure, all are quality choices. Whether you prefer a classic three-reeled virtual experience or a Mega Spin Slot, True Blue does have it all. 

Along with an incredible selection of pokies, True Blue also caters to the rest of the casino market. Players can find traditional casino games throughout this site. From poker to roulette, blackjack to backgammon, it is all here. If you desire a truly authentic casino-floor experience, then head on over to True Blue’s ‘live casino’ tab. This page gives you a great selection of high-quality live video casino games. These experiences take your favourite classic casino games and add a whole new dimension. Live croupiers will deal you cards and react to your actions, truly making you feel like you are on that casino floor.

Quality can be assured with all the experiences featured on True Blue’s online casino page. This is primarily because of True Blue’s quality-assessment team. The casino hired this team of industry veterans to do one job: Ensure the games are of quality. The team scrutinises every element of the game. The team members thoroughly test the elements, such as sound design, game-feel, graphical fidelity, and frame rates. The casino only allows the best games on to its site. Similarly, the team members have tested each game on the site for fairness. This means there is no possibility that anyone has rigged or tampered with any game.

What Payment Options Are Available?

True Blue’s freedom of choice doesn’t end at the incredible selection of games. Choice is at the heart of everything True Blue does, payment options included. True Blue offers several primary forms of payment. It allows the use of cards from renowned providers, such as Mastercard and Visa. True Blue online casino also allows the player to use a range of eWallets, such as Neteller. A true sign of this operator’s modern nature, True Blue even allows players to use bitcoin. Players can use all these methods to both deposit money to and withdraw money from their accounts. 

How Long Does It Take to Withdraw Any Winnings?

True Blue is usually very fast when it comes to the withdrawal process. When players have enough money in their accounts, all they need to do is click the redeem button. This puts the withdrawal process into motion. Depending on your chosen payment method, the time needed for the withdrawal process can vary. For instance, when using an eWallet payment, the withdrawal process usually only takes around one working day at the most. However, if you have decided to use a card, then this can take up to around three working days. While withdrawal times may vary, True Blue aims to deliver your winnings as soon as it possibly can.

Customer Support Helplines 

If customers should ever run into any issues, they needn’t worry. True Blue has a substantial customer support department. There are several primary forms of customer support that True Blue utilises. The first is a direct phone line. Using the contact number on the web page will immediately connect you with a member of the team. The team member will stay on the line with you until he or she has resolved your issue. Live chat service is also available. This live chat service is especially useful for those who hate long phone conversations. 

An e-mail address is also present on True Blue’s website. You can easily copy and paste this e-mail address into an address bar. This will allow you to directly contact customer support. You should receive a reply within a short amount of time once the team knows how best to help you. Whether you have an issue or just a quick question, the customer support team is just a click away.

Works with Mobile Devices

Modern online operators need to have a mobile-friendly site. When most of your possible player base has a computer in their back pockets, you must provide for them. This is necessary for operators who wish to remain relevant in an ever-advancing market. Thankfully, True Blue is one such operator. It understands how vital modernity is to an online casino company. That’s why players can easily access True Blue’s website on their mobile devices. Both phones and tablets can access a dedicated mobile version of the popular site. This mobile version is not lacking in any regard. All games are present, and all options remain the same. The casino experience has never been closer.

Our Verdict

After looking at True Blue’s intricate site in detail, we thought that a roundup of points was necessary. Here are just a few of the online casino’s many glaring benefits:

  • Payment options for any possible circumstance
  • A customer support team that is always ready whether it’s day or night
  • Several customer support options
  • An unrivalled selection of both classic table-top casino games and pokies
  • Live casino games bring an authentic casino-floor experience to your home.
  • A trustworthy and secure site
  • State-of-the-art encryption software ensures that your details remain safe.
  • Available on just about every mobile device with no downsides or issues

These obvious benefits should easily show you just what a brilliant site True Blue is. True Blue Casino offers an online casino experience like no other. You must see it to believe it. Head on over to True Blue Casino today to take full advantage of the site’s many games and offers.